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well lets see.. I made a Rare/Old Screaming Trees mix a few months ago.. here's the list of songs.. and then ill post the second one im about to burn tonight..

Ash Grey Sunday (live)
Back Togeather
Black Sun Morning
Change has Come
Cold Rain
Darkness Darkness
Don't look down
in the Forest
Love or Confusion
Morning Dew
One way Conversation
Tales of Brave Ulysses
the Second I awake
Time Speaks her Golden Tongue
To Far Away
Walk thru to this side
Who Lies in Darkness
Working class Hero

and my second mix..

Butterfly (live)
Direction of the Sun
End of the Universe
Flower Web
Invisible Lantern
I've seen you before
Other Worlds
the looking glass cracked
Something about today
Subtle Poison
Tomorrow's Dream
the Turning
Wasted Time
Wish Bringer

What do you all think? :)
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Well yeah. . i'm just kinda getting into the screaming trees so I thought i'd join.
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How I came to the trees..

Hey noticed you guys and thought I might like to add my piece on the trees. I actually came to them through Mark Lanegan's solo album "the winding sheet" from '91, and was just blown away by his incredible voice. "Sweet Oblivion" stayed in my stereo for like the whole of highschool! I made my way through the rest of their albums and have continued to follow Mark Lanegan's solo career and his work with Queens of the stoneage. "Dollar Bill" still makes the cut to my mix tapes (or cds now). They were an amazing band live and I have to admit as much as Josh Homme is a great singer with the queens, I love those songs where Mark gets lead vocals. Anyway I guess that was my introduction to a great band.

Does anyone know what happened to the other members of the band? What are your thoughts on his solo stuff, fav songs, albums etc?
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ahh I really like the screaming trees, im yet to buy an album though. Im kinda on the broke side. maybe one of you great people could burn me a copy :) ? perhaps..mix a tape? and ill send you a burnt copy of butthole surfers or nirvana...?
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Just wanted to say hey...

I love the Screaming Trees...I bought Dust many years ago, but now I've been getting into them more and more. I hope more people join this...heh. =/
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greetings everyone! this is my first actual community that has worked.. um.. i dont know what to say other than i hope everyone has fun.. im going to start the ball rolling..

my name is Brian, i'm 19.. i absolutly love the music of the Trees.. been a big fan since the Summer of 2002, when I decided to download some random grunge bands that i hadnt heard before then seeing as the names kept popping up because i was (and still am) a huge fan of Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Alice in Chains.. the bands Mudhoney, Green River, and the like kept popping up. the thing that appealed to me about the Screaming Trees was i didn't need to break in any of their songs to enjoy them, I could just listen, and first time fall in love with the song.

so i downloaded some songs, and a few months later i bought Dust, then about a year later I bought Sweet Oblivion and Uncle Anesthesia.. i cant find any more albums since they're apparently discontinued. so i have as many mp3s of them as i can find, some nice live ones too.. im too lazy for Ebay or Amazon.com, so ill prolly get a friend to order the missing albums from my collection for me :)

some of my favorite songs are..

Time Speaks her Golden Tongue
in the Forest
too far away
Secret Kind
Julie Paradies
Back Togeather
Dying Days

and i have not heard one Trees song that i dislike to the point i wont listen, or will skip it on a album.. just like Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains :)
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